Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wealth Management Business Analyst, Mumbai

Position: Business Analyst
Location: Mumbai
Exp: 2.5 - 8 years
Job Description:
Cash Management
  1. Cash reconciliation, securities reconciliation (custodian), front-to-back reconciliation.
  2. Payments processing for securities, margin money etc.
  3. Treasury operations
  4. Trade Settlement with Clearing House
Middle Office / Back Office
  1. Trades accounting, pricing, valuation, income/expense accruals, amortization, YTM etc.
  2. Corporate Actions accounting - dividend, bonus, rights, stock-split, reverse stock split, paydowns, payups etc.
Wealth Management / Asset Management
  1. Computation and accounting of fees
  2. Movement of cash in/out of accounts
  3. Account set up
  4. Investment management strategy
  5. Accounting of securities per Local GAAP - trades, pricing, valuation, amortization
  • Candidate should have Excellent Communication skills & Strong Client Facing skill
  • Those who are ready to take up interview on saturday(18-Sep) only apply, others pls ignore it .

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