Friday, October 01, 2010

IT industry Salary & Skills Report 2010

  1. What are industry average salaries of IT people across India and across the world?
  2. Which are the top rated and most preferred skills in the IT industry?
  3. What is the average IT experience that matters in the industry?
  4. What are the average salaries of various industries, including IT & ITES?
  5. Which are the top IT certifications?

Do you have answers to any or all of these questions? Most probably not. That's the reason I bring to you snippets from the most prestigious IT SALARY REPORT. This extensive research has been carried out by ActiveTechPros. The content of this report is based on aggregated data provided by activeTechPros members. Information provided is for general informational purposes. activeTechPros does not guarantee the correctness or completeness of the data.

CLICK HERE to view snippets of the report [It does not open any window. It just expands a hidden table of contents.]