Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Turbulence in Capgemini: Lay Offs expected!!

Capgemini Group recently concluded Rencontre event in Barcelona, Spain. Rencontre is a Group level (i.e. global) event where all top head-honchos of all BU's and SBU's of Capgemini Group come together to discuss performance for the current year and plan for the next steps of action for forthcoming year.

Rencontre is typically considered as a turning point for Capgemini Group - every year. In 2006, Capgemini had launched I3 Program as the direct result of Rencontre of that year. Under this program, there was a lot of restructuring and subsequent lay-offs. The situation is more or less similar for Rencontre 2010. In Rencontre 2010, Capgemini Group had launched, yet again, a new program which met with huge applaud by the audience there. This is known as "PEOPLE MATTER, RESULTS COUNT" program - there is no formal name yet, but this is the tagline of the program. Subsequently it will become tagline of the Capgemini Group.

What "People matter, results count" actually mean is that: Capgemini Group gives increasing importance to its people. But - it is a really big but - results or performance is what finally counts. Here are some of my observations - purely my own interpretations, and some of the predictions of things to happen in Capgemini Group in coming days.
  1. To me, these two statements are self contradictory.
  2. If people really matter to you, why there is a contradictory statement of Results?
  3. Why suddenly Capgemini realized that People are its important assets? Was it disregarding its most important asset until now?
  4. This Program is just a reaction of Capgemini to the increasing threat posed by Indian Pure Players. Capgemini is not (and has never been) proactive. This Program is a reactive approach...
  5. Just like its last 2 global Programs (as result of Rencontre), this Program may also be a huge hype in the beginning and eventually will bite the dust. Then next year, Capgemini will launch yet another Program!
  6. There is a lot of confusion amongst its people, at least in India. Capgemini India is undergoing tremendous terbulence because of the latest Rencontre. There are huge restructuring exercises that are expected to take place in coming weeks.
  7. PEOPLE IN INDIA MAY LOSE JOBS. There are speculations that there would be lay-offs in India organization of Capgemini Group. There may be similar situation in other departments of Capgemini.
  8. There is huge chaos in India organization. Even the top management (like Directors, Vice Presidents, etc.) are not sure what is going to happen. They are not sure if their own jobs would be there!!

I would strongly request all my readers to exercise CAUTION while joining Capgemini. However, this is purely my own opinion...