Friday, August 12, 2011

MQ Admin Developer required @ Capgemini

Roles and Responsibilities - MQ Queue Administration:
- MQ environment operations Queue & MQ parameters maintenance (add, change, delete)
- Application performance management (real time and history)
- Queue capacity management (Queues and internal resources usage)
- Problem solving (emergency and non-critical problems)
- MQ operations services (Certificate files renewal, System RACF changes)
- MQ application development Development
- MQ environment support (system changes, capacity management)
- Non-Application problem solving Item no. Task Details
- Install and configure MQ tools, e.g. monitoring, tuning, performance management
- Define monitoring requirements and configure MQ tools to ensure timely reporting on problems, events and preventive warnings
- Perform regular housekeeping, maintenance and performance tuning
- Apply MQ tools’ patches
- Work with the SCB application support teams and other third vendors on problem investigation
- Perform Application specific MQ installation (major release and patches) and perform any required configuration and/or customization
- In relation to each queue manager, perform regular (at a minimum, monthly) reviews of the capacity and performance statistics and trend analysis
- Provide input into capacity planning process and recommend upgrades as appropriate
- Manage the daily operation related to MQ
- DR environment administration
- Recovery of MQ system task
- Continue improvement
- MQ related certificate files administration
- Provide utilization & statistic reports on queues and channels

Experience: 2+ years

Location: Chennai

APPLY: Send your updated resume to sagar.toshniwal @ now!!