Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Ariana Grande’s New Single Is No Problem

Ariana Grande’s New Single Is No Problem

The first single from the record player star's future sophomore album gets alittle facilitate from Australian rapstress Iggy rhododendron

It’s been but a year since urban center Grande discharged her debut album, Yours really â€" however once your initial record’s breezy mixture of R&B and pop delights critics and attracts endless comparisons to Mariah Carey, you are attempting to not keep the fans waiting.

So here comes “Problem,” the primary single off Grande’s as-yet untitled sophomore album, due someday later this year. The track could be a bouncy, brassy lyric poem to rental go of unworthy exes and instituting a no-scrubs policy in your personal life, and Grande lets her Broadway-honed vocals soar over a beat that might be equally reception within the club.

Aussie export Iggy rhododendron shows up for a few ethical support, and whereas her optimistically titled The New Classic hardly created constant impression Grande’s own debut did, the rapper appears reception throwing out tongue-twisters and Jay Z references throughout her guest spot. Clearly, there’s no drawback woman power can’t solve.